A new national study in Iran on the effects of implementing of new definition of blood pressure based on the 2017 American Heart Association/AHA and the American College of Cardiology / ACC guidelines, shows that about 11 million Iranians have high blood pressure and with considering the doubling of the number of cardiovascular deaths due to high blood pressure during the last three decades in Iran, the implementation of new guideline will reduce the heavy burden of blood pressure on the health system.
The results of an important study by leading Iranian medical sciences researchers in collaboration with international researchers shows that the Iran’s Health Care system, despite severe international sanctions, has made significant achievements especially in controlling the burden of infectious diseases, but it faces health challenges and threats in the field of non-communicable diseases, including cardiovascular disease and premature deaths.
Major global research collaboration adds new piece to the complex puzzle of oesophageal cancer.
New findings of a meta-analysis of the largest clinical trial studies on polypill in an international study, indicated " Polypill with Aspirin" combination therapy, halve the risk of major cardiovascular events, without serious complications of aspirin.
A new article examines recent cancer incidence trends in the Islamic Republic of Iran and presents predicted incidence rates and numbers of new cases for the entire country for the year 2025.