In the late seventies and early eighties, studies in Iran confirmed that Inflammatory Bowel Diseases in our country are very scarce and even rare. But subsequent studies, some of which were performed at the GI diseases research center affiliated to Digestive Diseases Research Institute of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, showed that the prevalence of inflammatory bowel diseases especially Crohn's disease is increasing rapidly.

Informing the medical community about this issue was very important for doctors to get more information about this disease that they did not deal with so much, but were exposed to the referral of affected patients.

By holding seminars and presenting the results of research in Iran, this important work was carried out and continued.
Also several studies have been carried out on the course of the disease, response to the treatment and care of the patients, which highlights some of the important aspects of these diseases in Iran.

The GI diseases research center is currently implementing a comprehensive program for the registration of patients with inflammatory bowel diseases throughout the country, and hopes that its results will be effective in planning for better and more effective care of the patients and reducing their suffering.
Also, the extensive genetic research in collaboration with credible international research centers is in progress.


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