Liver and Pancreatobiliary Diseases Research Center  Since beginning its activities, this research center has conducted numerous scientific studies and applied research endeavors, focusing on the proper diagnosis and effective treatment of these diseases, some of which were the first in this field globally and have been highly cited.

Heaptic failure (cirrhosis) is one of the most important causes of hospitalization in gastroenterology units nationwide. Liver cirrhosis is a disease that can be prevented in most cases. Gallstones, especially bile duct stones, as well as pancreatic diseases are among the most common causes of patient referral to the Emergency Department of Shariati Hospital and other medical centers in Iran.

One of the most important treatment services offered by the DDRI is the provision of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic services, as well as the education and training of gastroenterology subspecialists on the topics of choledocholithiasis, pancreatic and bile duct cancers. Diagnosis with endosonography and treatment with Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) are among the most important services offered by the Institute.


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