DR. Mohammad Amani



Mohammad Amani is assistant professor and Gastroenterologist and hepatologist of digestive disease research Institute (DDRI) at Tehran University of Medical Sciences. He works at shariatic Hospital in endoscopy word and adduction ward and outpatient clinic from 1391. He has expertness in management and treatment of esophageal motility disorders such as Achalasia and has a pretty skill in colon cancer and polypectomy and how to deal screening colonoscopy. He has done researches about achalasia colon cancer and management of early gastric cancer in high prevalence regions such as Ardebil.


MD: Ardebil University / 1996
Specialty: Babol University / Internal Medicine/ 2006
Subspecialty: Tehran University / Gastroenterology/ 2013

Academic Positions:

1-Assistant Professor of Medicine Department of Medicine, Tehran University  
2- Assistant Professor of Digestive DiseaseResearch Institute

Research Institute
Researcher of DDRI

Executive positions:

1-Board of Directors of Iranian Celiac Disease Association

2-Member of Iranian Association of Digestive and liver Disease of Iran.

3-Member of Digestive Disease Research Institute (DDRI)

4-Member of Iranian Association of Internal Medicine

5-Member of Scientific Committee of Iranian Association of Digestive and Liver Disease of Iran 

6-Member of Workgroup of Esophageal Motility Disorders and Achalasia

7-Member of Workgroup of Colon Cancer and Screen Colonoscopy of DDRI

8-Member of Workgroup of Liver Autoimmune Disease of DDRI

9-Head of Workgroup of Manufacturer of Iranian Esophageal Band Ligation for Esophageal Voice 

10-Bourd of Directors Cancer of Children’s Charity Association of Ardebil

11-Member of Workgroup of Advanced Endoscopy at Shariati Hospital

Board Certification:

1-National Board of Gastroenterology and Hepatology subspecialty / 2013
2-National Board of Internal Medicine Specialty / 2011
3-Medial Doctor / General Practitioner / 2003

Research Interests:

1-Achalasia and Esophageal Motility Disorders
2-Colon Cancers and Polyps
3-Celiac Diseases
3-Screeining Colonoscopy


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Phone Number: 0098-9013938225
Email: Amanim2012@yahoo.com
Secretary: 00989013938224
Adders: Tehran, North Kargar Ave, Shariati Hospital Digestive Disease Research Institute, Postal code: 14117-13135

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